Veerle Verhagen


I have been a tester since 2017, working as a consultant on different assignments. My particular interests are working in agile teams and ethics in testing. I’ve always been an eager public speaker. This year I did my first talk at a test conference and I absolutely loved it. My background is in linguistics and education – before becoming a tester I studied historical linguistics and I worked in education for a few years before turning to IT.

My Sessions

Track 1 – Avengers Assemble! No hero can save the world on their own

In the summer of 2019, the London Metropolitan Police’s twitter account was hacked. Whilst control of the account was soon recovered, Police were at a loss to find the culprits. However, there were over 5 million people in the UK who could have provided crucial keys to solving the crime, if only they had been […]

Improvement Track

Open Panel – Testing communities

The best ideas emerge while talking with friends and colleagues, exchanging opinions, sharing life experiences and so on. That’s why it’s important to find a community related to your passions and start networking. Our guests will share their experiences with testing communities. The pros and cons plus some tips and tricks on how to grow […]