Vitalie Cojocari

I have been a journalist for over 20 years. At the beginning of my career, I worked for a news agency, then I wrote for a newspaper, had a brief experience in radio, but I fell in love with television. That changed my life.

I worked at PRO TV in Chișinău and Bucharest. Now I am a journalist at Euronews Romania.

I can say honestly that television journalism is challenging, demanding, exhausting, and… yet enjoyable. I love it because it cannot be fooled. You can’t cut corners here. Well, you can, but you are always in the spotlight. And your work will look cheap, silly, incoherent, unprofessional.

Due to the effort, television journalism rewards you. How?

I am a Romanian born in the Republic of Moldova. I speak Romanian, Russian, English, and understand French. But most importantly, I have learned to speak the language of interpersonal communication. Television journalism taught me that.

There are plenty of communication techniques inspired by television journalism. I have learned them throughout my career. They are unique, unforeseen situations, bizarre occurrences from which you escape with an experience equivalent to 10 lifetimes.


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[Keynote] Survival Techniques at Work or in Society Inspired by Journalism to Become a Better Communicator.