Frequently Asked Questions

and their frequent answers

We’ve been talking to and supporting speakers for more than 8 years. Sometimes it might get funny, but we’re taking everything seriously and we’re commited to provide a good and stressfree experience. Nevertheless, we’re sometimes answering the questions several times and in our attempt to continuously offer you a faster answer, we’ve built the following list of questions and answers that could help you:

Question: Will I get the fee if I have just the keynote but not a workshop?

Answer: No


Question: Can I expense my domestic local transportation/Taxi to the airport and back, in the city of origin?

Answer: Unfortunatelly this is not possible


Question: The next available airport is 100km away, that’s my starting point for the plane to Cluj. What do I do? Can I expense transportation to it?

Answer: Yes, in this situation it is possible to expense the domestic transport, with the regular train or buses, using 2nd class. Also please inform our booking agent about this and he can do the diligence of reserving you a seat for this one as well. The cost for this transport is included in the regular travel budget you’ve been informed about.


Question: I’d like to fly from Cluj, not back to the city of origin, but instead to another destination in the world. Is this covered?

Answer: Yes, this is covered if the second flight cost is approximatelly the same as the return to the city of origin. In all other cases the answer is no


Question: Can I bring my spouse with me to Cluj at the conference?

Answer: Yes, but you have to cover the flight and any potential accommodation supplement from a single room to a double.


Question: Can I extend my stay in Cluj for the upcoming weekend?

Answer: Yes, provided that you are covering your extra costs for the stay. We’re going to inform the hotel on the days which are covered and those that you’d like to take extra and extend your reservation. You’ll be presented a bill at checkout for the extend timeframe.


Question: I’d like to do a private event to a company in Cluj to monetize a bit my time there. It is alright to do so?

Answer: Please check with the organizers. Generally these arrangements can be made. In case you’d like to have a talk to another testing event, meetup or similar events in the area, regardless of the size, this is not acceptable for the organizers.


Question: When will I get my money?

Answer: After the conference ends, within the next 2-4 weeks you’ll be asked to provide an invoice for the payment. Please reply timely to this request and the transfer will be done within this timeframe.


Question: I’d like to do 2 workshops at the event. What happens?

Answer: If both of your workshops fit the theme and get the approval from the organizers to get in the conference program, they will be scheduled in consecutive days so you can run them both. You’ll be compensated 2 x 500 euros for both.


Question: I didn’t use my whole travel budget with my flight and accommodation. Will I be reimbursed the difference?

Answer: No


Question: I’m a speaker but I run no workshop. Can I attend one of the workshops at my choice?

Answer: For the workshops you need to register prior to the event. The audience in the workshop is limited to 30 places maximum and we won’t go beyond the agreed capacity. If you want to register, please do so in the public registration time. You will have to pay your ticket to the workshop but you benefit from a 25% discount on the public price


Question: I want to bring a friend to run the workshop together with him/her. I applied alone but I was wondering if this is possible?

Answer: Yes but the fees and benefits will be split accordingly. So for each of you, the fee would be halved to 250 euros, your accommodationand transportation will be covered in the limit of the travel budget you have but split in 2. If meanwhile we have booked your ticket, the second speaker needs to cover his transportation to the event