RTC is happening! 2021 – 10th anniversary edition

This is to announce that RTC2021 IS HAPPENING!

2021 is the year of the 10th anniversary for RTC and we’re aiming to celebrate it accordingly. The vision is set, the commitments are made and we’ve already started preparing the event concept.

We asked ourselves, what’s better than one RTC event and the answer, we all agreed is 2 RTC events! Here’s what you need to know

RTC2021 Online – 2 days event

When: first week of June (specific dates to be announced) – online talks 🎙 and hands-on sessions.

RTC2021 Offline – Anniversary 🥳 – 3 days event

When: mid October – keynotes, talks, workshops, parties and much more.
Location: Cluj-Napoca.

We’re paying a lot of attention to COVID19 situation and this event will happen only if it is 100% safe, while providing all the measures necessary for a smooth and stress-free event.

Wait, there’s more:

RTC2021 expectations survey
What do you want to see/hear/learn this year? Share your thoughts and we will do our best to make it happen. RTC has always been about delivering value to the community and its people and this survey is waiting for your input.

Extended deadline Jan 27th, 2021.

Be a part of our team

If you like our work and you’re determined to contribute to the RTC projects, you can now join the team, start here. Conversations with the latest applicants are already scheduled so we’re proud to say that the RTC team is growing.

New portfolio website

We are reconfiguring the website and all RTC additional concepts, so expect a RTC website transformation soon.

New partnership packages

Packages and participation options will be announced in February. The new configuration will cover the online event + offline event and/or both.

Corporate participation packs

Starting 2021 we will introduce corporate participation options aiming to motivate participation of large groups from same company.

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