RTC2018 – Conference Theme

The software industry is on the edge of exciting and revolutionary progress. More than ever, the role, activities and involvement of testing reflects this.

Testers and quality are becoming yet more integrated into processes. We’re shifting left and right. We’re working with technology in its infancy that will have effects on our society, privacy and ethics. On the one hand, the world is becoming more technical. On the other hand, overarching test strategy, communication, and requirement analysis are unlikely to be automated away or replaced with tools and technology.

We’re standing on the threshold to a new and exciting future. It’s up to us to develop ourselves and to decide where we are willing to push boundaries, and where we are willing to let external factors influence our work.

This year’s conference theme is:
Testing at the threshold

These are exciting times – and we want the submissions for Romanian Testing Conference 2018 to reflect that.
We’re looking for proposals that deal with our work at these thresholds and on overcoming the limitations that we set ourselves.

Testing in relatively new technological situations: (VR/AR, IoT, drones, oil extraction platforms, medical devices, wearables, …)

  • Career development in a changing industry
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Testing beyond what is viewed as “normal” testing
  • Testing at the limits of our current understanding – new experiences and techniques


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