Santhosh Tuppad Interview

Q: What are you known for?   
A: I have been known for bragging (too much bragging). As you have known me as a bragger, here I go!Known for:
    •  being a passionate software tester
    • expert in security testing / ethical hacking for web apps and mobile apps
    • finding non-obvious bugs in functional testing
    • a bit obsessive-compulsive
    • being kind & generous
    • bad-ass following my visceral
    • international speaker at conferences (Testing & Security conferences)
    • a hugger
    • a fantomă

Q: Estimate how many windows are in New York.    
A: Estimation in progress… Please try again later. (37237xxx01ABXH ERROR. WINDOWS CRASHED).

Q: During the conference, will you teach me something I don’t know in less than five minutes?
A: I am also known for teaching people in less time where they can takeaway something back to their work. The answer is “Hell Yeah”. This answer looks a bit boring, let me try to elaborate so that you can spend more time reading this and that way you will remember “Santhosh Tuppad” more :)

In 5 minutes, I can teach you:

  • you at least 3 security attacks for web or mobile apps
  • how one way to do better cross browser testing
  • how to be a better tester
  • how not to estimate
  • python programming (well, the bad way)
  • tips and tricks for mobile app testing
  • … N

Q: How do you get inspired in your talks?   
A: I think I will anyways get inspired as I love myself so much. Well, I am not narcissist though J On a serious note (Giggles), one of the inspiration that I get is from the audience interaction or when audience laughs at my talk or (bad) jokes. Please, make sure you laugh to inspire me ;-)

Q: While visiting Romania, what’s that one thing that you want to do before you return?
A: Go on a road trip with my girl-friend who is a Romanian and we are getting married soon (In 2017). And good news is, I am moving to Romania once we are married. See me in Bucharest or Cluj. Or else invite me anywhere in Romania to deliver talks on testing. Also, I have made a decision of working in a company that would love to hire me to test the software better or manage the test teams (Well, a manager who can test and who loves to test while he manages the team).

Q: What’s the most important social skill to have in order to thrive as a tester?
A: Be talkative. Be talkative. Be talkative. Be a bad-ass. Nevertheless, the most most most important social skill is “to do what you feel in your heart deep-down. It has to be natural”. The more you talk to other testers and be social, you learn more from them. It’s a matter of “just take one step forward”.

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