Testing at the threshold

Recently, I read an article about self driving cars being confused by kangaroos….

This was one of those articles that made me think “the future is coming and are we really prepared for it?!”. Don’t even get me started on whether my fridge is going to start telling me to cut back on my Bailey’s consumption, or how we’re ever supposed to test IoT applications when the test environment is… what, the world?!
That’s right, don’t get me started – but do get yourselves started. Because “testing at the thresholdis the theme of Romanian Testing Conference 2018 and I have the absolute honour of being program chair for it.

We can think of thresholds in various ways – new techniques, new quality aspects (ethics, anyone?), new technologies, new ways to forge our career paths, and probably a lot of the buzzwords flying about at the moment  There’s a rather nice list of possible topics on the call for papers page.
But if you have something related that’s not already on there, then send us your proposal anyway!

Speak Easy slot

Oh, and one other thing. We’ll be reserving a slot for a speak easy graduate, so why not let this conference be a threshold for you as a person – stepping over the line from attending to being on stage. The speak easy program gives you a mentor and so much support – I can highly recommend it!

The call for proposals ends on 19 th November 2017. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!


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