TestLab @ RTC2017

Good news! TestLab is coming to RTC! Organized by Adina, Alex, Dolly and Jari, TestLab will be available full day, on the third day of the conference, 12th May, in the expo hallway, ground floor, of Grand Hotel Italia.

We are going to bring you hands-on exercises with a learning objective that you can practice at any time for any duration in the lab. Come in the TestLab and eXperiment:

  • Mob Programming
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Magic card tricks

You’ll use embedded devices like Lego Mindstorms, BBC MicroBit and Arduino.

Also, you can come with any kind of exercise in the Lab and share it with other people. Or you can invite any fellow testers and initiate testing and programming discussions.

Your Test Lab Facilitators:

Adina is “another” software tester at Altom. She likes to explore applications, play with frameworks, coordinate projects, and most importantly to work with highly motivated testers. She thinks that testing is more than a job: it’s a mindset that spread in all her life activities. She’s involved in Test Labs since 2013, and facilitated several at conferences like Eurostar, Belgium Testing Days, StarEAST and Romanian Autumn Camp.



Alex is a software tester at Ullink. What Alex likes most is to find bugs, not only at work but in every aspect of his life as well. His motto is “There is always one more bug to find!”. He also thinks of testing as an RPG game where each bug found is a completed quest. Alex has attended all RTC conferences until now and this year he decided he should also participate actively and be part of the conference as well.



Dolly is a software tester. Working with Altom has facilitated her induction into the context driven and exploratory testing. She is continuously trying to improve her abilities by learning and exploring new fields that can help her evolve both on a professional and personal level. Dolly is an active member of the community Tabara de Testare and she enjoys attending different local conferences and meetups. She was part of the Test Lab at the 2016 Autumn Camp held by Tabara de Testare and also was part of the Test Lab at the 2017 European Testing Conference and she enjoyed it a lot!



Jari is currently working as a ScrumMaster at Ullink, a Fintech software product company. It sounds just right for him, as he is from Finland! Having over a decade of experience in leading and managing testing, years of writing articles and blogs about testing, and a knack for conferences and communities, he is set up to help testers advance in their careers by learning new exciting things about themselves and their testing. He has written for various software testing magazines, talked in conferences, and held the very first presentation at Tabara de Testare back in May 2012 about tools for testers where he e.g. live-hacked cheap flights from Malév Hungarian Airlines (workflow cancelled just before the purchase from bank account was completed).

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