The Power of Conferences

There are several strategies I’ve employed to help me thrive and remain relevant. One of those strategies was and is presenting at conferences.

Our theme is about thriving and remaining relevant. Out of all the strategies I’ve adopted, public speaking has been the one that has helped me to thrive and remain relevant the most.

It started out as a strategy for getting to a conference. I could never afford the ticket so I submitted to speak instead (speakers get free tickets). Nerve racking, scary and rewarding. It led to great things. It’s a core skill that truly has helped me grow and given me opportunities I never thought possible. It’s as relevant in the workplace as it is at a conference.

Aligning around a purpose, sharing your message and influencing can all come from speaking to groups of people.

No matter where you are on your journey of public speaking – if you have a message about thriving and remaining relevant then RTC is the conference for you.

As such I’ve shared my ideas, thoughts and wisdom in two guides. These should help you along your journey of conference speaking.

The first is an in-depth guide to submitting to conferences. The submission process is the first step – so it needs care and attention. It needs clear language and a compelling core idea. Few people put in the effort at this stage, but this is the first hurdle. If you don’t get a good submission in it won’t matter how good the presentation is.

The second guide is for those attending a conference. They are fun and amazing, but they can be tiring and draining. This guide will help you get the most from a conference.

The Romanian Testing Conference call for papers ends on January 15, 2017.

My advice would be to not leave it until the last minute. Submissions take longer than many people expect.

Instead, read the guides, follow the advice and pursue your growth as a conference speaker. Or just attend :)

Either way, if you get to the conference I look forward to saying hello, and I have no doubt you will come away with a head full of knowledge and insights.


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