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Beyond the Surface: Unleashing Hidden Potential in Testing

Be an active participant in this journey of discovery and empowerment. Bring your insights, your questions, your challenges, even your solutions. Together, we can co-create a future where understanding deepens, implementation is strategic, and empowerment is universal. Join us, not just as attendees but as co-creators. Share your expertise, challenge conventions, and let’s build a collective repository of actionable knowledge. While Dana never consciously labeled herself as a science fiction (SF) enthusiast, most of her favorite books, movies, or TV series, belong to the SF genre.

What attracts her is not just the futuristic or extraterrestrial settings but the abstract thinking and the boundless possibilities they present. In much the same way, our theme and the tale of Neptunia resonate with her. They echo the limitless potential and the many paths yet to be discovered in our field. Neptunia’s story is about a special underwater place and finding new chances even when things look difficult.

  • They valued everything they had and always looked for the best ways to use it. Instead of feeling limited by what they didn’t have, they saw these limits as problems to solve.
  • They improved their ways of doing things and made the best use of their tools.
  • They tested their ideas and got rid of things that weren’t helpful, focusing only on the most important parts.
  • They found new ways to do things better with the available resources.

In today’s tech landscape, we resonate with Neptunia’s spirit more than ever. The challenge isn’t just about expanding; it’s about diving deep, uncovering hidden gems in our processes, tools, and methodologies. You’re invited to step beyond and dive deeper: in a shifting tech landscape, the need of the hour is to understand, implement, and empower.

Understand the practical methodologies, unlock the secrets of AI assistants, decode the essence of testing in live environments, and find the true positioning of testing in the business realm.

Implement smart solutions, leverage our resources creatively, and ensure that each step we take is meaningful and impactful .With the industry prioritizing optimization, the art of doing more with less is not just a strategy; it’s a necessity.

Empower people to question, rethink, and revolutionize. Let’s shift the narrative from “the client decides” to “we co-create.”


The event will take place in Romania, Cluj Napoca, at Grand Hotel Italia, between 12 and 14 June. RTC2024 is an on-site event.




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Looking for Partners, more than just sponsors

Yes, of course, sponsorship is what allows us to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s testers. Simultaneously, we are looking for partners who want to play an active role and even help us co-design the event.

These are the companies that understand that investing in people’s professional development is critical for their engagement and that are focusing on loyalty rather than retention.

Furthermore, their leaders value diverse viewpoints, encourage risk-taking and learning from mistakes, and guide their teams toward company and personal goals.

Want to become a partner of RTC2024? That’s easy! Contact us at contact@romaniatesting.ro or use the contact form below to get in touch with us.


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