Aaron Ingram

Aaron has been a tester for approximately a decade with a large portion of that being centred around automated testing, he has achieved expert-level certification with Katalon Studio and is also an ambassador for the brand. In recent years he has been since joining Sagittarius to taken on more senior positions leading and building teams, producing strategies etc. He created multiple testing products within the agency that allow them to productise and sell solutions such as accessibility packages to clients and created and nurtured a relationship with accessiBe who are an accessibility platform.


My Sessions

Digital Equality: Tackling Web Accessibility

With The European Accessibility Act (EAA) coming into for Q2 2025 now is the time for people to really start to take web accessibility seriously, my talk will be centred around the issues faced by people with accessibility issues, tools we can use to make sure we build accessible web experiences and the benefits of […]

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